Monday, February 04, 2008

...on brothers

I always sees my brothers are the better version of me, both my younger and youngest brother.
My younger brother for instance, well he has a better look than me, and he is a kind person too. Once when I was still worked for Bisnis Indonesia daily and took my closest friends to have a vacation in Bandung, one of my girlfriend whispered to me:
"Mas, your younger brother very look a like to Irgi ya? But I prefer the youngest one, he is so cool."
"Which Irfi?..." I asked her back since I'm not so intense on entertainment-thing
"....IRGI....Irgi the model..."
and other two girl friends of mine nodded their head to concur her opinion.
Luckily, she is over-age my brothers hehehe :)
While my youngest brother, I always considers that he is the smartest kid in the family. He is the only my-parent child who successfully follow my old man path to enter ITB. Few years ago I posted somewhere in this blog about his success to enter ITB.
This morning, he was nervous since he has to presented his final assignment and I got this SMS few minutes ago:
a, alhamd ud slesai sidangnya. tomi lulus. alhamd dpt b+. skrg msh d ruang sidang
thanks God

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tuhu said...

Jangan gitu Rom, semua orang pasti punya kelebihan dibanding yang lainnn....