Saturday, May 10, 2008

on Samuel Mulya

I often read Samuel Mulya's article on Kompas Sunday edition. His writing usually 'pinch' someone or something, yet inspiring. He dare to show what was his thought through his writing, and didn't hesitate to admit his nasty attitude.
Today, I read an old magazine that has several men's comment on women's problem. The problem was: a single mother whose falling in love to a married man with children.
When most other comments seem to softly persuading the mother to leave the man or to carefully listen to the heart, Samuel Mulya told the mother to checked the man's EQ and IQ, and also told the mother to take her child for better education, so the child wouldn't have to follow the mother's step.
Sam, you rock!!!


JR said...

Agree with you Rom! He is also one of my favorite writer!

Lia Marpaung said...

and my fav too...:) ya wes rom, elo bikin sam's fans club doonk :)