Friday, October 05, 2007

Answering the question from Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim

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Call To Sue Malaysia Over "Rasa Sayang" Unrealistic, Says Rais

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 2 (Bernama) -- The call by Indonesian lawmakers for action against Malaysia for using the "Rasa Sayang" folk song in its "Truly Asia" tourism campaign which Indonesia has claimed to be its traditional song, has been described as unrealistic.
Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said the issue should not have arisen as the song like other folk songs such as "Jauh Di Mata", "Burung Pungguk" and "Terang Bulan" were songs of the Malay archipelago inherited by the people from their ancestors.
"I think Indonesia or other parties will not be able to prove who was the composer of the song (the Indonesian version being Rasa Sayange)," he told reporters at the breaking of fast organised by his ministry at the Federal Territory Mosque here tonight.

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here is our answer:

Komposer lagu Rasa Sayange adalah Katje Hehanussa, mungkin kakeknya Andre Hehanussa.

Diperkenalkan sejak 1940.

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Rasa Sayange was compossed in 1940 by Mr. Katje Hehanussa an Ambonese in Moluccas Islands (Maluku), then this song sung by Dutch.

You see…you steal our folk song and even your National Anthemn come from Indonesian Song called TERANG BULAN, then you changed lyric became NEGARAKU.

YOU HAVE NO Creativity. Why don’t you promote Indonesia Raya as your National Anthemn.

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Indonesia Anonymus said...

Indonesia Raya as their national anthem.. ha.. that's a good one.

Actually, we were wondering how the malaysian composers/song writers feel about all this.
Shouldn't they feel insulted? Doesn't this mean their government much prefer to 'borrow' someone else's song rather than asking them to write an original one?
Regardless who owns 'rasa sayange', this silly scandal surely doesn't make malaysian composers/songwriters feel good about themselves.

If that's the case. they have our sympathy.

Anonymous said...

@indonesia anonymus
agree with you,
I feel sorry about Malaysian.


Raffaell said...

Ketemu jawabanya disini, bikin gerem yah, btw, memposting berita yang sama nih

Anonymous said...

salam kenal rafaell :), jawaban ini jadi pembahasan menarik di salah satu mailing list lho


Anonymous said...

Hahh, "Indonesia Raya" as other nation's anthem?? This is not the first case if happens. Austria once told Germany not to use the melody of their national anthem (you know, the very popular "Deutschland ueber alles" which first strophe has been banned) because it was then used as the national song for the German Federal (Deutsches Reich) which at that time dominated by the Prussian and Austrian! And the some Swiss canton once used the melody of God Saves The Queen too.

Anonymous said...

Buat nambahin komen gw sebelumnya:

Jerman pake melodi lagu penghormatan buat Kaisar Austria. :p Ngebayang ngga, Malaysia pake melodi Indonesia Raya buat lagu kebangsaan??

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous
Info bagus tuh, baru tau gw...