Friday, December 28, 2007

Benazir Bhutto

It's always sad for me to hear someone passed away. This morning, while on my way to the office and stuck to Good Morning Hard Rocker Show, I heard another sad news.
This time is Benazir Bhutto.
Yep, I didn't know her very well, it's just a slight memories that running comes through my head about her. But I respected her a bit, she is a fighter from minority side if I may say.
My partner so curious about the news that she pushes me to buy daily newspaper to confirm the information.
From Kompas, I got information that a man shoot her first (the bullet hit her chest and her neck) and blow himself, causing other dozen dead-victims around her.
(...geee I wonder why did he bother to shoot her first and blow himself after? Why don't just blow the bomb? Maybe the answer is as complicated as political situation in Pakistan).
Kompas also writes a story about Bhutto family. It's a tragedy. Her father was hang to dead in 70's, after a political coupe (Ironically, Benazir was dead just a few kilometer from a place where her father was hanged to dead). Her brothers was shoot to dead.
This afternoon, I read another story about Benazir. It was taken from a mailing list.

She fixed me with her large, dark eyes and said, "You cut me
from the Harvard Crimson." She was not smiling. I sputtered a lame apology.
The conversation moved on. The scene was hardly momentous, but it occurred to me, as I wondered why Bhutto was coming back to Pakistan from her comfortable exile at grave personal risk: this is a woman who does not forget.

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It was written by Evan Thomas. I don't know whether he still works in Newsweek Magazine as an Assistant Managing Editor. I guess so.

Note: A part from this posting, I guess I will try to write more in English to improve my writing skill.

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