Tuesday, January 08, 2008

About life

What do I know about life?
Nothing, Big Zero, Empty, dong-dong
Despite my 31 years of living, I barely know something about life.
That's why I tend to follow my path-life as it is: take engineering school, choose my announcer course, joined the local news radio, being a journalist in reputable national economic newspaper, after several years I change to communication worker specialized in public relation and media handling....I have to admit that I just don't understand how I should live my life. And when my friend in news paper called me today, discussed about creativity and 'well-established' living, I questioned my self: Have I choose the right path for my life? Do I really regret my current path despite all the comfortability from my previous work? Do I still want to challenge my self?
That's why I tend to remember all the memory, like this morning when I saw a crying little girls around mosque nearby the office. I remember that I used to cried like that, hysterically and loud. It happens in my kindergarten's time, when my mom unusually accompanied me to my school that morning. Since my mom lived in Bandung and I'm in Jakarta with my grandma, I want my mom to accompanied me during my school just like some other kids-mom. But my mom refuse it (I forgot what was the reason... she has to drank some medicine or else... maybe), then I cries like hell. In the end, my mom asked a permission for my absence on that day, thankfully my teacher understand the situation. I also remember about Putri Jail when I saw that crying little girl, gosh, Putri Jail has a loud, I mean very, voice. That's makes me miss her. A lot.
That's why I tend to questioning my self, doubting my self.

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tuhu said...

Hmmm dalem bangetttt perenungannya... Menurut gw belum terlambat kalo memang loe mau mencari apa yang sebenernya loe inginkan dalam hidup. Ayooo Rommy tetap semangattttttt

roi said...

Better late than never ya...:)