Monday, January 21, 2008

Soccer in Indonesia

This is kind of weird.
Well, today suddenly my boss ask me and my colleagues to find any information about soccer in Indonesia and the positioning of one foreign soccer-league comparing to others. And you know what?
Despite all the soccer hype in Indonesia there is no valid data or formal data about Indonesian soccer fans. I mean, how can we measure about public excitement on soccer in Indonesia if there is no data about it?
Well I try to find another way though and I found several links that focuses on soccer team or soccer game, mostly they are focuses in English soccer team or game.
Big Reds Forum for Liverpool
Id Arsenal Forum
IndoManUtdUnited Indonesia
Chelsea Indonesian fan website and forum
Toon Army
Those link or forums have a thousands member. And nobody want to now what are the Indonesian Soccer fan characteristics?

PS: I don't like foot ball very much...

up-date on January 25:
1. Indotoonarmy or Newcastle's fan in Indonesia, has a new website:, thanks to shearyadi.
2. Check this blog to find interesting-undercover story about soccer in Indonesia


Hedwig™ said...

aduh mas.. bonek gak punya akses ke internet :)

richoz said...

kayaknya fans klub lokal belum bisa terstatistik di internet

roi said...

padahal buat nge-net mereka bisa juga nge-bonek ya?

setuju pak, semoga kata 'belum' segera berubah jadi 'selesai' atau minimal 'sedang'

Hedi said...

Actually, there are some local fans who have been in internet. I'm not sure how many they are. I can say aremania, thejak, slemania, persib, kampak medan or persikers. Try to check them out via google. For example, check out (aremania)....

roi said...


aahhh.. the masta' stop by finally :)
thanks for the input