Thursday, February 14, 2008

Small Thing That Matter

Sometimes we ignored small things, not knowing that it will have a big impact on someone's life.
Likes what happen to me few minutes ago. One of my old contact during my journalist's work in transportation desk called me.
Geee, we nearly loose contacts for more than four years.
He always have a good relationship with journalist, we (journalist) often stop by to his office just to chat small things and gossiping.
Back to the present, I have to admit that I don't recognize his voice at the first time he called. But I just go along with the conversation until I instantly recognized about things he said and the way he talked.
It is always good to have someone who still remember who you are, and deep inside they still have a connection.
And suddenly
I feeling better right now.


atta said...

i still remember you dear

roi said...

iya, gw juga, meskipun udah jarang ketemuan kita ya?
kapan nih?

tuhu said...

Aihhh Rommy so sweet....

Lia Marpaung said...

kalo ma gue, lo masih inget ga rom ? :)

Lia Marpaung said...

kalo ma gue, lo masih inget ga rom ? :)