Thursday, February 28, 2008

Something new

It's been a while for me to stop-by in this blog.
The job is starting to capturing me, keep me busy with all the stuff: articles, phone-calls, emails, summaries, proposals....
It makes me like a stone when weekend comes: spend almost all day in bed for sleeping.
But I'm happy with that.
It just keep me exercising myself with a new thing in my life, and hopefully it will makes my life more meaningful and enjoyable.


tuhu said...

Smoga hari-hari loe selalu bersemangattt yahhh, aminnn

hanny said...

ROMM hehehe cerita-cerita dong, lunch bareng yuuuukkk!!! cieh sibuk nih yeeee ;p

roi said...

Thanks Tuhu

Beneran nih, traktir gue dong. Hehehe