Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My old man

Suddenly I miss my old man….
The chat on my office lunchtime with my colleagues soaked my memory few years ago, when I was still child, not older than elementary-school age.
There I am, with my old man, mother and my big sister, killing time prior to Maghrib time on fasting month, in Dunia Fantasi Ancol.
I forgot whether I have I good time in Dunia Fantasi or no, what I do remember is: my old man was felt not well after Dunia Fantasi’s visit. He almost not able to drove the car, he should get rest for a while, broken his fasting by a bottle of water although it was about one hour to Maghrib time. And finally he pushed himself to drive a car to our relative’s house, which is quite far from Ancol.
I just realized that, back then, my old man tried to pleasure us, his children: me and my big sister. Tried to have a good time in Dunia Fantasi. Even though it would not be a pleasant time for his side. He would abandon his condition just to see us having a good time.

I wonder if I could do the same thing with Putri Jail.
I don’t know.
Well tomorrow is his birthday….

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