Wednesday, June 18, 2008


the truth is: I don't have any target at all on my life, on this consultancy.
I'm kind of person that live my life as it is, just go with the flow of life.....
I also don't very aware of my strength, what I can contribute to this consultancy. I just need guidance...

(during the lunch time, prior to review meeting this afternoon)


eyi said...

A, u know something?

2 posting terakhir sebenarnya saling menjawab ;)

hanny said...

oi, sudah saatnya makan-makan tuh rom! hehehehe main-main sini dong!

Lia Marpaung said...

i think we all should have a target in life, love and professional work. we also need to be aware with our own strength as well as our weakness. those are needed to set a vision that we'd like to achieve in this life.

nice to talk to you yesterday rom,....a special guy with so much patience inside that I really admired ! :)

roi said...

@ eyi
mungkin ya...


thanks Lia