Sunday, July 20, 2008

good quote

Still enjoying my Sunday afternoon in Pasar Festival, reading Eat, Pray and Love from Elizabeth Gilbert.
This is a good book, I mean I'm enjoy reading the book, while maybe learn something from it.
I just found a good quote from this book. What interesting from the quote is, I always says the first sentence from the quote when I'm facing a trouble. I never thought actually we could add other sentence after the first one, and it still could strengthen the first sentence.
I hope the qoute will do good for all of us whenever we're facing troubles. Here's the quote:
....everything is going to be OK. And if not OK, then at least comic...


hanny said...

wah, kata oprah, dia salut kalo ada cowok yang baca buku eat, pray, love :D

roi said...

...itu juga gue dibujuk partner gue Han