Friday, August 16, 2013

Feel so galau

jadi galau itu bisa disebabkan oleh berbagai macam, mulai dari hal yang amat sangat berhubungan dengan obyek yang di-galau-kan, sampai yang amat sangat tidak berhubungan.
Dan galau menjelang weekend, Jumat sore itu agak-agak aneh ya...
Diawali dengan browing sana-sini di YouTube, akhirnya nyangkut ke soundtrack film Filipina : A Secret Affair. Lagu ini judulnya 'Don't Say Goodbye' dan untuk film ini Nina jadi penyanyi lagu yang awalnya dibawa oleh Pops Fernandez

Today I heard my favorite song on the radio
I close my eyes and saw our first hello
And then I saw the time we fell in love, in each others' arms
I open my eyes and you were gone

Suddenly I realized how I love you so
And how I get surprised without your love
Since the time we said goodbye, it's hard to make you stay
How I wish you'd never go away

Don't say goodbye, it's hard to let you go
Tomorrow seems so far away for me to know
If you and I will always be in love forevermore
Just leave me with the memories
All alone

Today I read your letters, and waited for your call
I wondered if you think of me at all
And then I turn the radio on, and heard our fav'rite song
Then I knew you'll soon be coming home

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